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Why Expert Property Managers Know To Always Hire A Licensed Contractor

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Oct 17, 2017 2:50:41 PM

In past All Area Realty Services blogs, we discussed renovations and the importance of hiring a complete property management company. This blog we will discuss why you should always hire a licensed contractor.

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DIY Upgrades For Your Investment Property to Feel Like a Luxury Rental

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Oct 11, 2017 1:52:15 PM

Is your real estate investment apartment in need of a renovation or an upgrade that does not cost you an arm or a leg? When deciding to renovate your rental property, the costs can add up and become expensive pretty fast especially when hiring someone to do the renovations. However, there are some DIY upgrades that will let you stay within budget and turn the rental apartment into a luxury rental. Here are some tips on updating your apartment yourself.

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How Property Investors Use Mobile Tech to Attract Tenants

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Oct 6, 2017 1:34:50 PM

These days, most people have a mobile phone and savvy property investors and property managers can use this to their advantage.  This technology can attract new tenants and allow current residents to build stronger relationships between the property management company and themselves. Tech advancements make it possible to engage potential tenants every step of the leasing process, even after they move in.  

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Know the Current Real Estate Investing Trends to Make More Money

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Oct 2, 2017 12:58:54 PM

When a person is looking to invest money, real estate investment is typically the best way. Housing can appreciate on average 3% per year. However, this does not mean that a property investor should be hands off about current market trends.  

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How to Find and Hire a Property Management Company

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Sep 26, 2017 1:26:13 PM

In past blog posts, we discussed the return on investment properties increasing when you hire a property manager. Now that you made the decision to hire a property management company, how do you get the best property manager? Here are some tips on hiring an efficient and cost effective property management company.  

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Hiring a Property Management Company Will Bring Numerous Benefits

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Sep 18, 2017 1:06:58 PM

You purchased your first rental property and now the money will come pouring in without any extra hard work… This is what happens in an ideal world. Owning a residential investment property is a great way to make money but there is a lot of hard work that goes into maintaining the property and the income stream. You might not have the time or the resources to keep up with various things like maintenance costs, fees, licenses, lost income opportunities, repairs and perhaps even litigation. This is where a property management company comes in to increase your revenue and decrease the amount of your time spent working on your investment.

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Tips for First - Time Property Investors

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Sep 12, 2017 11:10:00 AM

Before investing in real estate, most people start their careers, get married, have kids and buy a home. However, there are some benefits to starting investing earlier in life, such as time and more risk taking.  No matter your age, you can always use helpful tips when investing in rental properties.

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How to Deal with a Tenant Who Has Lost Their Job

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Sep 5, 2017 3:15:05 PM

When you are a rental property owner and landlord, there are many things that need to be handled like collecting rents, maintaining the property and responding to tenant complaints. However, what happens when a tenant loses a job and you are unsure if the rent will be paid.

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Four Types of Rental Property Inspections

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Aug 31, 2017 2:11:19 PM

Rental property inspections are important to landlord/tenant relationship and it cements the importance of a property management company. Most property management companies conduct these different inspections.

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Understanding the Roles & Responsibilities of Your Co-Op Board Members

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Aug 17, 2017 5:05:05 PM

Most apartment building residents know that there is a board protecting the interests of the individual owners and the building. Board members are volunteers who live in the building and want to make sure their investment is protected. The board has many responsibilities and needs to deal with changes in the economic environment, the composition of owners and in the physical and financial status of the building.

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