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Does Your Co-Op or Condo Have Roof Deck Rules?

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Apr 4, 2019 3:14:19 PM

Spring is here along with flowers and beautiful outdoor temperatures. There is nothing more enticing to a New Yorker than a roof deck when the weather is nice. However, most co-ops have rules about roof decks. Some buildings do not allow any type of party on the roof, while others will allow parties but with strict rules.  How can you keep party noise to a minimum especially with the warm weather approaching?


Most co-ops and condos have a long list of rules posted on the door leading to the roof and the boards are quite diligent to make sure those rules are followed. Having the rules posted, makes it easy for everyone to follow such as having quiet hours, where no one is allowed on the roof before a certain hour and after a certain hour to keep the noise down.

Another option for keeping noise to a minimum is a guest cap on the amount of people allowed on the roof deck at once. This can help if a party is getting too loud due to the amount of people invited.

If the rules are not being followed and you know the person throwing the party, just speak to that person about your noise concern. You never know, you might be invited to the next party. However, if talking to the person does not solve the problem, speak to your board to intervene.

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