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Is Being a Co-op Board or Condo Board Member Difficult?

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on May 30, 2018 3:25:53 PM

What does a board member do?

A co-op or condo board member's main role is to facilitate the day to day management of a building, by self management or by hiring a professional property management company. They often answer emails and calls from residents, interview and review applications of potential buyers and keep the building working efficiently according to both state/city law and building regulations - as well as keep residents informed. 

iStock-640177478Attending board member meetings is also important. Some boards stick to an agenda during their meetings while others take a more casual approach. When surveyed, property management professionals stated the biggest complaint from board members is not having a set agenda and the meeting lasting for hours.  A well led board will have a president that sets the tone, takes on a leadership role, delegates, and determines how meetings are run.  A good board president will know that having an agenda will ensure meeting stay short, run smoothly, and removes excess emotion and conflict that may arise. 

If you’re thinking about becoming a board member and you have skills in running meetings or organizing an agenda, bring this up in your application. This may give you an advantage if you can demonstrate these skills. 

What determines if you're a good candidate to serve on the board?

iStock-855667636There is not a set of guidelines to become a board member. You must first express interest and fill out an application. The board will interview you and you must pass the interview process before you can become an official board member. Most boards are looking for a team member who is well informed, committed, and has the time needed to serve the building.

Having a neutral personality and being able to remain calm and collected will help you to get a spot on the board. Another area that might help is your current job or previous job skills. Board members benefit from free legal and tax help. If you have an accounting background, you may be a great asset to help with the buildings financial books. Same goes with any construction, engineering, or legal experience. No experience? No problem. Apply anyways, its always good to have a diverse board.

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