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Thinking Of Buying A New York City Co-Op?

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Jun 20, 2019 4:38:31 PM

iStock-656652922Are you ready to buy an apartment in New York City? Remember to factor in the cost of the monthly maintenance, if you are buying a co-op apartment. Maintenance covers building expenses like mortgage payments, taxes, staffing and upkeep. It varies from building to building and apartment to apartment.

Let’s investigate how maintenance is calculated.

Most co-op buildings have an underlying mortgage. The shareholders of the building make payments on this mortgage through their maintenance. If there is a large loan on the building, that makes the maintenance higher. Some older buildings refinance to absorb the capital improvements, which can lead to higher maintenance.

The building’s property taxes are included in the maintenance as well. The co-op pays the taxes for the land and the building. Shareholders can get reductions in their percentage of taxes that they pay due to different tax breaks like being a senior or having a disability. 


Depending on the size of the building, your maintenance can be more or less. When there are more apartments, there are more shareholders to split the costs and therefore maintenance will be less. If you have more amenities to maintain, your maintenance will be more because all those amenities need to be maintained. If the building is a full service building, it requires more staff due to the high expectations of the shareholders and therefore, maintenance will be more. Also, if the building employs union workers, then it is a more expensive building to run.

Make sure that the co-op has a good system in place for keeping track of expenses because it could mean more money coming out of your pocket. Also, there might be shareholders who are not paying their maintenance, which in turns increases your maintenance.

If there is a commercial space in the co-op, this can increase cash flow and help to keep maintenance low. However, if the retail space is empty, then the shareholders need to cover this lost income, thereby increasing maintenance.

Check to see if the building owns the land or if it rents it from another entity (land lease).  A land lease might cause the maintenance to be high since the building is paying someone else to occupy the space.

Lastly, the maintenance depends on how many shares you receive when you buy an apartment. Some apartments have more shares than others do. This is in part due to the inconsistencies of the layouts in older buildings, which made it difficult to evenly divide the shares.

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