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Tips On How To Stop A Difficult Neighbor From Ruining Your Sale

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Feb 7, 2019 3:58:50 PM

A family resides in the great community of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, but their neighbor, however, is anything but pleasant. He often terrorizes them by closing them in when using their shared driveway. Now that this family has put their house up for sale, their neighbor seems to be intimidating the realtors and they just can't handle it. So, what happens next? 

We all experience mishaps or confrontations with our neighbors. This can make living next door pretty uncomfortable. Here's some advice on making it past your rude neighbors - to sell your home with minimal difficulty.

iStock-498714252In the situation above, the neighbor's shenanigans could potentially harm him in several ways. Firstly, he should have financial interest in behaving properly. If this family sells their home for less than what is the valued worth, houses on that same block could drop in value as well. This valid argument should be discussed in detail and should be enough to end any bad behavior. 

If that doesn't work, stay positive and find out what appeases him; afterward, try to recruit him in a sales effort. We've heard stories of sellers offering a small fee to neighbors who are on their best behavior, which can include cleaning up their property, or coming by an open house to meet potential buyers and talk up the neighborhood. 

You're trying to build a great first impression for potential buyers, and the New York City Real Estate market can be tough as it is, so you'll have to do everything you can do to make your property and neighborhood shine. 

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