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Who Is Responsible For What? Do You Know All The People Involved In Property Management?

Posted by All Area Realty Services Team on Dec 21, 2017 3:24:20 PM

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the people (the super, property manager, maintenance staff, custodial staff, groundkeepers, doormen, concierges and others), who keep the building running smoothly. Most of the staff are essential for effective management and maintenance of theiStock-179285229.jpg residential complex or building.

Back in the day, most multifamily buildings had a live-in super, who would handle the day-to-day maintenance and minor repair work. When there was an issue in the apartment, the tenants knew to call the super to come and fix the problem. Nowadays, the super is there to supervise and maintain the common areas of the building. If there is an issue inside the apartment, the owner needs to fix it.

The super’s role varies depending on the size of the building. In larger buildings, the super oversees the porters and doormen. In a small building without porters and doormen, the super manages himself. The super’s main responsibility is overseeing maintenance and other on-going work. Also, the super will do certain light repairs, like simple plumbing or electrical work. The porters do the daily cleaning and the garbage. If there is no porter, then these things fall to the super.

From over thirty years of experience, All Area Realty Services has observed a direct relationship between resident satisfaction and site staffing level.  The in-house maintenance personnel’s role is to provide higher and faster service to the property due to knowing the property, responding quickly and knowing the residents.

iStock-617587630.jpgMost residents know that they can call their super to come and fix little things within their apartments. However, this can lead to problems if a resident starts using the super as his or hers personal staff. A few boards prohibit work for individual units but most boards allow the supers to perform certain types of jobs within the building. 

Most supers do not have formal training but they must have a boiler license, which they receive after passing a test. The supers are normally report to the apartment property management regarding the status of the building. The building runs efficiently when there is a good communication between the super and the property management group. The best run buildings are when the board, apartment management company and the building employees work together to achieve the best possible results for the complex.



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